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Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentistry Orillia

Due to the amazing advances in today’s dental technology, there is no longer a need to settle for crooked, discoloured, or missing and broken teeth. There are a great many ways that we can use dental technology to dramatically improve your smile and your confidence!

Whether you are looking for a subtle change, or a complete Smile Makeover, the knowledgeable team at Orillia Smile Centre can help you to find the solutions that are right for you!

Cosmetic Dentistry Options:

  • Teeth whitening (bleaching) can help brighten stained or discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening can be often be achieved in just one in-office visit or we can create a custom whitening system that you can use in the comfort of your own home.
  • Bonding can enhance the appearance of teeth by changing the shape, spacing, and colour. Tooth-colored materials can be simply added or bonded to the tooth surface to achieve the desired changes.
  • Veneers are very thin, custom-made porcelain shells designed to cover over the front of your teeth. Made of tooth-colored porcelain or resin, veneers are used to treat spaces between teeth and teeth that are chipped or worn, permanently stained, poorly shaped or slightly crooked.
  • Invisalign is a type of orthodontics (braces) that is made up of a series of clear, custom molded, removable aligners that are designed to fit your teeth. These aligner trays are custom created in series so that your teeth move little by little - gradually straightening your teeth.
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