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Non Surgical Gum Therapy

Orillia Smile Centre is proud to offer conservative, non surgical periodontal (gum) therapy. Gum disease is a chronic infection resulting from a build-up of bacterial plaque and tartar below the gum line. This type of bacteria is eventually destroys the bone that surrounds and supports the teeth, and will inevitably lead to tooth loss when left untreated. Unfortunately, gum disease and periodontal infections are usually asymptomatic, and can be present for many years, without any pain. However, subtle signs such as red or inflamed gums, bleeding gums when brushing or flossing, and persistent bad breath.

At Orillia Smile Centre, our team of experts offers an organized system for early detection, diagnosis, non-surgical treatment and maintenance of the inflammatory phase of periodontal disease, and for the early detection of premalignant or malignant changes of the oral tissues as related to oral cancer (oral cancer screening). This includes an individualized treatment plan created by the dentist and dental hygienist to reduce the signs of infection in your mouth, including customized recommendations for daily home care and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Pocket?

The area between the top of the tissue and the bone surrounding the tooth. This area is measured using a small ruler type instrument called a probe. When infected, the tissue pulls way from the tooth and bleeds easily. Measuring pocket depth provides an indication as to the amount of bone loss around each tooth.

What is SRP? (Scaling and Root Planning)?

Scaling and root planning focuses on removing plaque, tartar build up, and stain from the tooth surface both above and under the gum line. Root planing focuses on eliminating tartar (calculus) and bio-film (bacteria) below the gum line by cleaning the root surfaces where the disease occurs. In combination with SRP, the use of medicated products to flush or irrigate the pocket areas allows for a healthy reattachment of tissue to the root surfaces.

Goals of Soft Tissue ManagementĀ® (Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Program)

  • Gingival (gum) tissue that does not bleed
  • Gingiva that is not red, swollen, or tender to touch
  • Fresher breath and reduction in bad taste
  • Reduced pocket depths around the teeth
  • Control of the periodontal disease
  • Established methods to effectively maintain good oral hygiene, including home care recommendations

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