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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Our smiles naturally begin to age as time goes by. The most visible issues in your mouth can occur when you have old fillings, cavities, and broken or missing teeth. You may even notice unsightly dark lines around your existing crowns or bridgework. These things can have a negative effect on your health and overall appearance.

Crown & bridge dentistry offers non-removable tooth replacement that does not involve dental surgery, like some other forms of tooth replacement (dental implants). Crowns and bridges take less chair time than dental implants, and can also be more affordable. There are also some cases where patients are not good candidates for dental implants due to health issues or oral health concerns, and in these cases, we may recommend crown and bridgework.

Porcelain Crowns

It is not always possible to repair severely broken or damaged teeth using only fillings. Instead, you may need stronger restoration, such as a porcelain crown. A crown, sometimes called a cap, covers your entire tooth, restoring it to its original size & shape with a natural look. A porcelain crown can also protect your tooth from any further damage, such as cracking or chipping.

Your dentist at Orillia Smile Centre will clear away the decay and design you a custom fitted crown. Your new crown will then be cemented into place and checked to ensure a perfect fit. Regular check-ups at Orillia Smile Centre combined with good oral hygiene habits, will ensure that your new porcelain crown lasts a very long time.

Crowns can strengthen and protect your remaining tooth structure while also helping to keep your teeth and jaw aligned for proper function.

Porcelain Bridges

Another excellent and exciting alternative for replacing missing teeth is a porcelain bridge. We may even be able to replace an old existing partial denture. This can eliminate the need to remove a denture every single night. Bridgework is made to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth and can give you a long-lasting beautiful smile.

A porcelain bridge is a custom restoration that is permanently bonded to two or more teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. Porcelain is the most popular material choice because it is durable and looks natural.

A bridge procedure usually requires two appointments. The first appointment is for the preparation of the teeth and impressions of the area. The second appointment, usually within two weeks, is for permanent placement of your new bridge. A bridge can protect your teeth from the problems which can arise from missing teeth. As with all restorative procedures, good home care and regular dental check ups will help to prolong the life of your new bridge.

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