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Teeth in a Day / All on 4

The ALL ON 4 procedure is a permanent solution for patients who are about to lose their teeth or are fed up with loose or ill-fitting dentures. With our professional team, we can restore your smile with fewer implants, less cost, and virtually no pain… all in one day!

Why Choose Us?

  • We have been performing All-On-4 procedures since 2004 and have over one hundred satisfied clients
  • Over 25 years experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free initial consultation ($100 Value)

Get the smile you have always wanted — we will create for you the most beautiful and natural smile to give you the confidence you deserve!

What are the Benefits of All-on-Four Procedure?

  • An affordable, permanent way to restore the function and appearance of your teeth
  • Restore your teeth quickly, with minimal discomfort, often in just one day
  • No lengthy recovery time — you will be able to smile and eat the same day
  • They allow you to eat and smile with complete confidence
  • This procedure can be performed safely on patients of any age
  • Guaranteed quality of life improvement — you will once again smile and eat with complete confidence
  • One time long term solution — these implants have the potential to last a lifetime

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Preparing for all on four implants is easy. You will want to get plenty of soft foods that you can consume while the healing takes place. Remember that you will need plenty of rest in the hours after your procedure for all on four in Orillia is over. In fact, you will want to take it easy for a few days. That means adjusting your exercise regimen and other activities so there is more time to rest. The professional who will install the dental implants in Orillia can provide some specifics on how to curtail your activities.

Remember to arrange for transportation to and from the appointment. You will not be in a position to drive after the all on four Orillia procedure is over. Whomever is driving can also take the prescription for pain medication and fill it for you on the way home. As the sedation from installing the all on four implants wears off, take the medication as recommended. Follow the advice and you will enjoy the benefits of dental implants in Orillia sooner rather than later.

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